Dragon ClanEdit

the best clan out of all of the clans not bragging or anything but we're so much better then all of the others

10178 dragon

dragon clan symbol


The Dragon Clan reaches around the world with different factions located in almost every major city in the Wilderlands. The HQ of the entire clan is in the city of Tarantis in the country of Kara Tura. The nobles of the Dragon Clan come from one of 7 different families, members of these families are mostly Samurai, but many are also Clerics or Wizards. Memebers of the Dragon Clan would never disgrace their Clans honor by being thieves or assassins.

The Clan is made up of 4 major familes and 3 lesser families, and is ruled by the Matriarch of the Ito family. 

Major Families

Ito- current ruling family




Lesser Families


Pechneg - former ruling family



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